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ArabiaWeather is the leading provider of weather products, services and solutions to consumers and businesses in the Middle East. Our web properties and mobile applications serve millions of consumers across the Middle East, providing them with timely, accurate and localised weather information in Arabic and English.

We also provide weather solutions to businesses across the region, including sectors that are enormously affected by weather conditions such as the Media, Aviation, Oil/Gas, Agriculture, Insurance, and Retail, in addition to other fields that benefit from weather information. These solutions help businesses reduce costs, enhance safety and drive operational efficiencies.

ArabiaWeather's technology runs on proprietary, hyper-localised data and algorithms. We have offices in Amman, Riyadh and Dubai, staffed with the region's leading Meteorologists, weather experts, as well as talented R&D specialists who endeavour to deliver the most accurate weather forecasts and information in the region.

Media Solutions

ArabiaWeather provides the Gulf Region with a comprehensive set of weather information and graphic tools.

The set includes realistic and compelling 3D animations, showing weather for today and tomorrow to attract and engage viewers.

The hyper-local and highly accurate forecasts keep your audience coming back. If your staff meteorologists need flexible tools to produce great visuals, or you are looking for turnkey, automated solution, ArabiaWeather has the solution for you.

Our award winning designers create packages and integrate solutions to fit with your on-air look. This is just one more reason why we have become the Arab World's most trusted weather source.

News & Events

Create & customize your own weather widget within 1 minute

ArabiaWeather’s responsive design widgets provide an optimal viewing experience for your visitors on virtually any device from desktop monitors to mobile phones.

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Our Unique Technology

ArabiaWeather relies on gathering raw Data from multiple sources (including Universal ground & atmospheric observations, Universal numerical weather models, Real-time satellite data, and ArabiaWeather’s automatic weather stations), which are then sent to our central computers and servers. Our servers then apply our unique weather forecasting algorithms to process and generate accurate, localized, relevant, and precise weather forecast data. All system generated weather forecasts and data are quality assured by some of the most talented weather forecasters, specialised in the Arabia region, giving it an added human enriched data set and assurance.

Our business solutions help our clients make more confident decisions powered by highly accurate forecasts and data. These decisions directly impact the business by minimising risk, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and enhancing their client experience. For example, our technology serves as a major factor in thousands of flights run running on time.

Our mission is to provide unique and high-quality meteorological and weather solutions to consumers and businesses in the Arab World. Through this mission, we aim to improve safety and enhance the quality of life for people in the region, and to help businesses minimise losses and optimise performance.

ArabiaWeather provides realistic visualizations to better inform viewers and match their experiences on other platforms and devices.

Media Solutions
Weather Data

The Arab World's most trusted weather data source

Only ArabiaWeather produces worldwide weather forecasts with hyper-local detail for the Gulf Region. Our proprietary science uses multiple regional and global forecast models, weather observations and reports. Final review by our staff meteorologists ensures the data receives human quality control. Your viewers will trust you for the best weather information.

We have worked in partnership with Vizrt graphics systems developers to seamlessly integrate the ArabiaWeather data into the Viz broadcast environment including Viz Weather. Both the Vizrt and ArabiaWeather teams have tested and verified these integration points to ensure pinpoint accurate forecasts and precise graphics.

The result is that you and your viewers always get the most accurate and reliable weather information available.

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ArabiaWeather Clips

Daily Ready-Made Weather Forecast Clips Delivery

ArabiaWeather Clips service provides you with daily weather and forecast graphics and animations, tailored to your brand and audience. Once it is set-up it requires no station staff to create or air.

Provide your viewers with the Arab World's most trusted weather source while saving on operational costs.

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ArabiaWeather Presenter

Real-time Weather Storytelling System

ArabiaWeather Presenter is a complete on-air weather graphics system for broadcasters. The system includes all the hardware and software you need to create custom, interactive weather shows and put them on-air.

Attract and retain viewers by combining the power of ArabiaWeather'€™s exclusive hyper-local weather data, the Arab World's most trusted weather source with your broadcast brand.

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ArabiaWeather Live TV

Live 24-Hour Weather Channel Custom Built for Your Audience and On-air Brand

ArabiaWeather Live TV gives you a weather channel that is available 24 hours, every day. Whenever viewers turn to you they get the best weather information possible. Your Live weather channel is automatically updated with local, regional and world weather data, and when potentially damaging weather approaches, the playlist will be automatically updated to focus on the most useful, urgent reports and information.

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Online and Social Media

Deploying your content to every app, every screen

Deliver the same quality weather forecast and information to your viewers and followers on whatever screen or platform they choose. ArabiaWeather online reports, social media updates and apps are tailored specifically to match your station or network brand, look, and feel.

ArabiaWeather will also deliver pre-produced editorial content so you can make better use of the resources in your newsroom. Our professional editorial packages and scripts help you inform and alert your viewers adding value to your online properties.

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Weather Wire

Real-time weather feeds for every screen that your news and weather team needs.

ArabiaWeather Wire is a customisable live news feed delivered in dashboard fashion onto virtually any screen or platform. The latest weather information for anywhere your team chooses scrolls live on any device. When weather is news, you will be ready to share the whole story with your viewers, subscribers and social media followers.

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Digital Signage

Live, compelling weather information, wherever your business needs it

Anywhere your customers or team members depend upon good weather and forecast information ArabiaWeather has a solution. Our digital signs are customised for your specific needs and are ideal for Point of Sale use, sponsor locations, and corporate offices.

ArabiaWeather systems can be deployed anywhere you can provide power and an Internet connection.

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Weather news and forecasts automatically delivered to your listeners

Now, your radio audience can tap into ArabiaWeather, the Arab region'€™s fastest growing weather brand. ArabiaWeather weather forecast packages for radio broadcasts are available in English or Arabic and are updated as frequently as conditions warrant. These automatically updated weather segments are instantly and seamlessly delivered to your radio production system.

Ask us about optional live cut-ins for regular programming and breaking weather news.

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Arabic weather forecast

English weather forecast

Implementation, Training and Support

Experienced in meeting the rigorous demands of the live broadcast environment.

ArabiaWeather trains your technical and on-air staff to ensure our media solutions meet your specific on-air needs. Once you go live, 24/7/365 support is available so you can provide when weather matters to your viewers.

With decades of experience in the weather industry, the ArabiaWeather team ensures that your business can be up-to-date with the latest developments in weather and its related technologies. We customise our solutions and weather training courses according to the needs, experiences, and specific areas of focus you need.

Attract Viewers and Grow Audiences with ArabiaWeather, the Arab World's Most Trusted Weather Content Provider.

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